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Ashley just nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So, I’ll be making a video of that for my personal YouTube channel and donating to ALSA. So, I challenge you all to do the same.

By doing the challenge yourself, nominating others, and donating, you’re participating in a global phenomenon that’s raising awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The average cost of treating ALS patients is $200,000 a year. So, if you can, please just donate five dollars. We’ve all gotten to see all of our favorite stars, athletes, and friends get soaked for a good cause. Let’s give back and show our appreciation.

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Because I do so many photo hunts, I’ve acquired copious amounts of photos that I have been unable to use. So, now I am posting this photo hunt as a resource for both roleplayers and roleplay helpers. Feel free to look through this hunt to help contribute to your own lookalikes. 

Below the cut are 204 faceless photos of opposite sex couples. All of the images should be SFW. Please like if you found this useful or reblog if you’re an RPH. Happy photo hunting!

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School is starting up again soon, but doing RPH tasks is enjoyable in many ways. So, I’m tentatively back with original posts. Thanks for sticking with me, everyone. 

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                     Write Real People
                    click and drag game

  • if you want me to add anything just write me. i’ll add that and update the post!

I love all the click and drag games on Tumblr and after I read an article about diversity in YA books, I wanted to make a click and drag “game” myself. (i think this was the article, but i’m not sure, sorry)

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Anonymous: Where is the best place to find faceless pics for look a likes?

If you’re searching for places where lookalikes are already put together, I’d recommend going through my photo hunt tag or look at the Glee Lookalikes page. Even if you’re not a Glee roleplayer, you can sift through the photos yourself to see if any match up with what you’re looking for.

If you’re wanting to learn how to find lookalikes yourself, it’s not that difficult. All it requires is a lot of patience and time on your hands. A while ago, I answered a similar question here, so hopefully this may help out a bit.

Best of luck.

- Sav

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So, are photo hunts still a thing? Do people still use those? It feels like I’ve been gone forever and I’m way out of touch.

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Below the cut are 16 photos that look like Dylan O’Brien. None of the photos are mine, nor do I claim to own them. These photos are to be used for RP purposes only. Some of the images are NSFW and include him with a partner, so please proceed with caution. Please like or reblog if you found these useful or used them.

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Unfortunately, I need to take a temporary hiatus once more. With my real life being so hectic, attempting to accomplish some of the goals I set out to do this summer, and my RPs being active, I have to focus on those. I’ll be back soon enough with more original content. Thank you for understanding. All general RP advice will remain open, but aside from that, requests are closed. Thank you.

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  • Are my screams loud enough for you to hear me?
  • Should I turn this up for you?
  • I sit here locked inside my head, remembering everything you said.
  • The silence gets us nowhere.
  • The silence is what kills me.
  • I need someone here to help me.
  • You don’t know how to listen.
  • Let me make my decisions.
  • All your insults and your curses make me feel like I’m not a person.
  • I feel like I am nothing.
  • I’m fucked up because you are.
  • I’m on the outside. I’m looking in.
  • I can see through you; see your true colors.
  • Inside you’re ugly. You’re ugly like me.
  • So, this is it.
  • Tell the ones who cared enough that I finally left this place.
  • Look at my face.
  • This is my life; it’s not what it was before.
  • Somebody shake me, ‘cause I must be sleeping.
  • I’m not ashamed to be the person that I am today.
  • I think I’m doing okay.
  • I feel the same.
  • You can’t feel my anger.
  • You can’t feel my pain.
  • I can’t fight these feelings.
  • Make me whole again.
  • It’s been a while since I could hold my head up high.
  • I’ve stretched myself beyond my means.
  • Why must I feel this way?
  • Just make this go away.
  • I can still remember just the way you taste.
  • He did the best he could for me.
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This is just a quick tutorial on how to upload a massive amount of GIFs or photos to Tumblr. I’ll be doing this on OS X, but if you use Windows, the steps should be similar. The tutorial was made for emmastonesrp. Please like/reblog if you found this useful.

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Heyo, my name's Sav and I'm here to help you with all of your RPCHA and RPCW needs. Please be sure to check out the "what I do" portion of my blog before requesting anything. If you need anything, feel free to shoot me a message, regardless of fandom or lack thereof.

I mainly specialize in writing help, reviews, photo hunts, GIF hunts, and guide writing. I'm always eager to help, as long as certain requests are open.

If you want to say hi, just say hi! I'm always down for making friends in this community. Any/all questions off anonymous, unless potentially useful to the community and not specified as private, will be answered privately.

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