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Anonymous: sam evans / chord overstreet look alikes?

Hi there! Actually, I had nineteen lookalikes, but I sent them all to evansyhelp in an effort to help her already existing photo hunt. Sam lookalikes are pretty hard to find, surprisingly, but hers is fantastic and should have the ones I sent her in there soon. The photo hunt is here.

Best of luck.

- Sav.

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Looking to put together a GIF hunt for today. I have Dianna Agron GIFs from all of her early TV and movie appearances, though none of them would be especially large hunts.


  • Shark - 12 
  • T.K.O. - 13
  • Veronica Mars - 24

I have more though. Should I combine them all or just separate them into separate ones as I usually do?

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As requested, below the cut are 25 photos that look like Finntana or Monvera. Some of the images are NSFW, so please proceed with caution. Please like if you found this useful or reblog if you’re an RPH.

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Below the cut are 94 faceless photos of people with mohawks. None of the photos are mine, nor do I claim to own them. These photos are to be used for RP purposes only. Some of these photos may be NSFW, so please proceed with caution. Please like or reblog if you found these useful or used them.

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by André Klein

A good friend of mine once said: “Every day I write is a good day.”

And after more than ten years of writing I still agree with this statement.

Writing is great. But it’s also hard work.

According to Malcom Gladwell, to become an expert in anything you need to invest at least 10,000 hours. While that is somewhat an arbitrary number and implies that genius or expertise can be manufactured according to a formula, there is a certain truth in it, nevertheless:

In order to become good at anything, not just satisfactory but really good you need to invest a lot of time and effort.

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  • Matt Bomer at The Hollywood Reporter’s cover shoto for The Normal Heart.
  • [+4/35]
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First conceptualised by Karin last year, the 1x1 writing tag is a tag created for roleplayers to showcase their writing pieces - be it prompts, sample paras, or any form of prose. We - okay, I - have decided to bring this tag back as a great resource for roleplayers to find one another through writing pieces, and also prompt each other to practice your writing! 

In Karin’s own words,

"And I thought about what I’ve been doing lately, posting a lot of my writing pieces. I know a couple of other people who post their writing pieces too, though I don’t see a lot of them on my dash… But at the end of the day, roleplaying is writing. So why don’t we post more of our writing pieces (not just para samples) on our 1x1 blogs and get people’s opinions? It could help us improve our writing skills, and we could also showcase our pieces by doing that." [x] [x]

This tag is a shared effort, only successful through the contributions that you choose to give, only enjoyable if you choose to let it. We want this tag to be a place for your beautiful hard work. Therefore, in order to keep this tag clean for all of us, here are a few guidelines that we urge you to follow:

  • Put long samples under a read more
  • No 1x1 promotions - that’s what the 1x1 tags are for.
  • Please do not spam
  • That said, please do not tag your character headcanons if they are only a few sentences of facts. 
  • Do not tag actual reply paras between your partners - this is a samples/writing pieces tag only. Of course, self-paras are welcome. 
  • Also, do not tag anything unrelated

So go ahead and start tagging your writing! This tag isn’t only limited to 1x1 roleplayers. Any roleplayer/writer who wants to showcase their pieces are welcome. 

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Below the cut are 60 NSFW photos of faceless women. None of the photos are mine, nor do I claim to own them. These photos are to be used for RP purposes only. Please proceed with caution. Please like or reblog if you found these useful or used them.

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Anonymous: can you do a finntana photo hunt? yours are always the best!

Hello there! First off, you are far too kind. Thank you for the compliment. But, yes, I can absolutely do that for you. It might take me a bit to find the photos, but I’ll get to work on it.

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Below the cut are #35 GIFs of Matt Bomer at The Normal Heart cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter. None of these images belong to me and all credit goes to their respective owners. These are to be used for roleplaying purposes only. Please like if you found this useful. Reblog if you’re an RPH.


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Heyo, my name's Sav and I'm here to help you with all of your RPCHA and RPCW needs. Please be sure to check out the "what I do" portion of my blog before requesting anything. If you need anything, feel free to shoot me a message, regardless of fandom.

What I mainly specialize in is writing help. I'm an aspiring television writer, so character development is kind of what I like to do most, as pretentious as it may sound. If you want writing help, you've come to the right place.

If you want to say hi, just say hi! I'm always down for making friends in this community. Any/all questions off anonymous, unless potentially useful to the community and not specified as private, will be answered privately.

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