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I thought I’d make a theme similar to my own for the public to use. However, as mine is made by the lovely onlysewenteen, this is made by a base code that I found on tumblr. I edited the whole theme myself so please like or reblog this if using it, and do not remove the credits, since I worked really hard on it.

The sidebar picture is exactly 245x400px, and everything is very easy to edit. If you have any questions about the theme, I’m more than happy to answer them.


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lacey--jones: Hey I really want to start a school/college rp but I cant think of any twists to make it stand out, do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi there! I’m not going to give you specific ideas for what to do in order to make your plot unique, but I can help guide you on your path to coming up with your own.

  • Ask yourself what you want to see in a roleplay. If you’re someone who’s tired of seeing similar plots in the RP tags, think about what it is you’re looking for. Chances are, if you’re interested in it, other people may be as well. Take a chance. What are you into? Create something that you’re interested in, first and foremost, show you’re passionate about it, and people will check it out.
  • Make it fandom specific. For example, incorporating Teen Wolf characters into a university setting could be refreshing to some people. Try to create an original plot with characters that everyone loves, if that’s something you’re into. It’s certainly something to consider while thinking about what it is you want to do.
  • Make it a crossover. Whether you’re mixing genres or fandoms, crossovers are excellent ways to attract potential applicants. If you cross genres, you’re adding elements that might not be incorporated into the plot otherwise. What I would recommend is listing as many genres as possible, and then matching up interesting pairs you haven’t seen before. Example: horror/period. With that, you could create a roleplay set in a different time period - we can go with the 1950s for our example - and add a murder plot in. Try it for yourself - this is how brilliant plots for texts are created.
  • Don’t worry about if it’s “original” enough. Truth be told, there’s nothing original under the sun. What makes for a successful roleplay is how much effort is put into it by the admins and the players and the group chemistry. Even if you just wanted to do something that’s by no means “original,” putting a great amount of effort into it will count for something. That’s the important part of it all. Be passionate and good things will happen for you.

Here are some links that may be helpful to you while writing your plot and devising your roleplay concepts:

I hope you found this helpful. Please message me if there’s anything else I can do for you.

- Sav.

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Though there are many platforms out there that may be used for reducing and editing GIFs, EZGIF is one of the best. 

To reduce a GIF, click on the “GIF Resize” tab and upload a picture. Alternatively, you can paste an image’s URL.image

Once you upload it, you’ll have the option to put in your desired image’s dimensions and reduce it however you like.


Once uploaded, now you can save your new GIF. It’s easy to do and your images will turn out a lot more intact than with other sites.


I hope you found this helpful.

- Sav.

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I’ll be taking a brief semi-hiatus: I have a lot I have to do this week for school. So, hopefully just for the next week, my activity will be sporadic on this account. 

Thank you.

- Sav.

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Below the cut are #31 GIFs of Mark Salling from the Rocky Road (2014) trailer. None of these images belong to me and all credit goes to their respective owners. All of the files are below 1 MB. These are to be used for roleplaying purposes only. Some GIFs are similar, but only to give the downloader a little variety. Please like if you found this useful. Reblog if you’re an RPH.


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"Heart’s Content" by mikechangjunior
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- 4 custom navigation links
- 255x400px sidebar image
- Scrollbar in description
- Colors are customizable

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Anonymous: I feel pressured to make most of my characters a POC because of the tumblr community :/


The call and the pressure for representation did not begin with tumblr communities, but I can help you relieve this pressure:

  • Step One: When people call for diversity and representation for an underrepresented group of people, pay attention. Don’t get defensive. Don’t use a :/ in response as if characters of color are inferior or as if someone wanting representation is a bad thing.
  • Step Two: Research POC in fiction, research problematic portrayals, research what not to do, research why representation is important, research harmful tropes. and read blogs written by POC that are about POC in the media and in fiction.
  • Step Three: Write characters of color. Keep your research in mind when writing.
  • Step Four: If you make mistakes, learn from them. It’s okay to mess up as long as you correct your mistakes and respond to criticisms of your mistakes in a professional, calm, and respectful way. Keep writing.
  • Step Five: Don’t expect praise.
  • Step Six: For lgbt+ characters, well-written female characters, and for writing cultures or religions other than your own, repeat steps 1-5.
  • Step Seven: By following these steps, you are bettering yourself as a writer, as a reader, and as a person. Writing should not be a chore.

When you stop seeing the act of writing POC as a chore or as a burden and when you realize the importance of representation, the pressure will be lifted.

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Anonymous: hey there! So i'm editing a character psd on photoshop, and i was able to edit the name and what not but i don't know how to edit the picture. Could you help me?

I’m so sorry, but I’m not familiar with Photoshop whatsoever. Perhaps someone else can though.

Please like or reply to this post if you can help this anon.

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Below the cut, you will find #28 GIFs of Dianna Agron as Debbie Marshall from HeroesAll files are below 1 MB. None were made my me and all credit for the pictures goes to their original owners. These are only intended for RP purposes. Please like if you found this useful and reblog if you’re an RPH.

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Anonymous: Hey there :) So, we are thinking about starting a mutant kind of Glee rp. Could you give us any tips?

Hello there! I apologize for the slight delay in answering your question. These last few days have been rather busy. However, I hope that I can be of some service to you.

First and foremost, make sure that your written content is good: your plot should explain everything in the universe you’re trying to create, your biographies - bulleted or full length - should be thorough enough to give your players a fair chance to audition, and explain the history of this universe.

Mutant/Glee crossovers are great as long as you adequately explain the lore of the world you’re creating. Are mutants feared? Are they accepted? Do people even know they exist? These are the questions that people will be asking when they see your RP. Try to answer them before they have the chance to ask you about it. Whether you decide to do a mutant school RP, open world, or anything else you can think of, that’s probably going to be most important. People are more likely to join if they know what they’re getting into.

Besides that, just do the general important stuff: for instance, be sure that you have the assistance you need. Having a co-admin or two, people that you trust, could be really helpful with the upkeep of it all. 

Advertise, advertise, advertise. As much of a hassle as it may be, it’s important. Queue posts for maybe one an hour for twelve hours; that’s a good place to start. It’s a crossover, so sometimes getting auditions will be a little harder, but I’m confident that if you’re persistent, professional, and keep everything in shape around the main, your RP will succeed.

If you have any other questions or I didn’t tackle enough specifics, just let me know and I’d be willing to try to assist you some more. I hope this was helpful. Have a great day.

- Sav.

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Heyo, my name's Sav and I'm here to help you with all of your RPCHA and RPCW needs. Please be sure to check out the "what I do" portion of my blog before requesting anything. If you need anything, feel free to shoot me a message, regardless of fandom.

What I mainly specialize in is writing help. I'm an aspiring television writer, so character development is kind of what I like to do most, as pretentious as it may sound. If you want writing help, you've come to the right place.

If you want to say hi, just say hi! I'm always down for making friends in this community. Any/all questions off anonymous, unless potentially useful to the community and not specified as private, will be answered privately.

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